Bal Krishna Themed First Birthday Party

The photographs from the Birthday Party had just arrived  and I'm both excited and disappointed.

Excited because I get to post them here and slightly disappointed because the pictures aren't great really. Anyone could have clicked those pictures. No creative input from the photographer whatsoever and there was so much scope I tell you.

Anyways here they are finally. A full month's brainstorming, shopping and planning that culminated in a decent Little Krishna Birthday Party.

The Invitation
I clicked the picture and designed the card.

I dressed my son in a traditional Dhoti Kurta for the party!

The entrance and the sweet table were decorated with tiny colorful butter pots. These butter pots were the highlight of the whole event.

Dahi handi as decoration

The Cake and Sweet Stand
 From the tissue pompoms to the banners-  All of it were made at home with a lot of help from family.

Feather bands and crowns for every Guest!
We made these peacock feather bands at home! They look lovely in the pictures! Don't They?
Photo Booth!
Me and my husband went way early to the venue to set of all this up!
Fun time playing Radha and Krishna

The guests thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth  playing radha krishna and stealing butterpots!
The games were theme centric too. Crowning the krishna & Butterpot Pinata.

Crowning the Krishna

Butter pot Pinata

We used our baby's photographs from his cake-smash photo shoot at the food serving area and custom made the food labels too.

Below are two pics from the shoot.!

Lil Krishna ready to smash his cake!

Smashing the Butterpot Cake

Food Area

 And this was my personal favourite part of the event. The Party Favours! We filled hershey's kisses in tiny butterpots and every family got to take one home. Notice the peacock eye on each kisses? I liked that little detail. I personally made those feather pens out of shiny ribbons . They really fit the theme and looked gorgeous.

Guests pen down their wishes for the baby 
I hope my li'l one grows to appreciate all of this when he finally gets to see all of it. This was a very special rewarding feeling. Even if nobody else did, I really did enjoy putting all of this together!

Day 40

The Meltdown has begun. I lost my cool yet again. I want a break from everything and everybody.
Just where is that escape hatch when I really need one.

It has not been very easy living with someone who has BPD . And its even more hard to live with people who care little about it. Sometimes I feel I'm the only one alarmed at certain behaviors. Sometimes I get the "you-are-overreacting' response. Sometimes I feel I'm an outsider and I don't belong in this home,

I got to quickly find a good Jar to drop my happy moments in. And that gratitude diary is needed in urgency.

Day 33

I was really pleased with the party. It wasn't so bad after all. And many of the guests enjoyed and responded with a " this was good" feeling.

But what wasn't really that great is the situation at home. I'm being accused of being unfair and too rigid by none other than ' my own truly' and which is something more than I can stomach.

I keep getting the feeling that I'm an outsider in this house and never before have I felt so lonely.

I hope and pray this to be a passing phase.

Meanwhile, I take in charge again of the meals. This might either help me knock a few things of my list, or bring out the moron in me.

Day 25

My baby turned One today. We did nothing but rack our brains about his party. Now that we are back in Dubai, things are different again.

Life is back to living with extra caution. Watch what you think /not think, say/not say, do /not do. It was not like this before. Whatever happened I wonder. My fault , I guess.

I don't remember being under so much stress for anything other than my own wedding. Its just a party! But I guess the problem is when everyone wants it to be THEIR special day than the baby's. Poor lil Baby! But it's good he won't be able to remember any of it. I hope he has fun that day.