Wee Problem

My 13 month old got circumcised today.

Babies......  I wish I could be like that! He must have gone through a lot of pain, who knows? He can never tell. But wasn't he more than excited about having Mum and Dad being with him all day or what!

The whole surgery went by very smoothly. I always believe that my baby is so blessed to receive such wonderful service from his Doctors.

The annoying part came after the surgery though , once we got home.
Everyone wants to see how it was done. Then they feel sick after seeing. Now they feel it was all a very bad idea.  " They circumcised like they would for Muslims!! Did they have to chop off so much skin? "...... And thus came on the colossally idiotic plus nervous comments .

I hope they all see some sense and appreciate that it was done for my baby's own good!

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