Baking is a Therapy!

What is it about Baking that is so therapeutic.  You see I can cook too. And I love cooking. But baking.... there is just something else about it.

So when your toddler breaks a blender and you want to vent your rage and despair; you bake and get over it.

This really sums it up

And this week I tried two recipes. Jam drops and Banana Bread. These were so easy to make and so yummy that I wouldn't bother to buy cookies and tea cakes from the store anymore.

Melting Moments

That's two more off the list!

Onam by ourselves

Usually this festival will have me and my Mum-in-Law doing all the work, which is dicing and cooking vegetables and preparing around 15 dishes for 25 guests every year. This time they are all back at hometown and it was just me , husband and the baby.

For the last Onam Baby D wasn't old enough for solids. So this was technically his first Onasadya.

Oh well, the food lasted for a week, and most of them tasted really good.

That reminds me, I still haven't made a good Payasam yet. Every time it has gotten thick and gluggy. But baby D enjoyed it . Look at him polishing off his fingers!

It was a good day!. A rather quiet one with just us playing with him after lunch till we all got tired and slept!