No 26 : Blog about my list

2016 is coming to an end soon. And I am looking forward to a new year, with a new list!

Last Year was eye opening as I realized, that I need to alarmingly take care of my Health- Physical , Mental and Spiritual.

There were deaths of dear ones, weddings, an endoscopy, trips and travels , lot of reality checks about life, moments of sulking, crying into my pillow, heartfelt prayers and some instances of grace.

Never have I been so significantly worried about my well-being , that I have decided to diligently stay happy and take care of ME , however and whatever that might look to other people.

2016 Take away No 1: Stop trying to please people. Everything you do is going to be NOT ENOUGH and eventually FORGOTTEN. Take care of yourself, Give Zero Fucks! BE FIRM yet FAIR.

2016 Take away No 2: Allow people to talk and make a fool out of themselves. Don't bother to butt in with any of your wisdom. Your ideals are their threats. Be less opinionated.

2016 Take away No 3: If you dont save yourself , noone else will. Be your own Sunshine. Be your own Knight!

Updates from the Turning 30 list
1 & 2 - Havn't overcome my fear of driving and swimming yet. Though I must say I tried and I shall be carrying this one forward.

3, 4 & 5 - Adoption is still under limbo. Creating  a  photo corner will be my project next year for mom's 60th bday and Happiness Jar is again something I shall do when my family is more serious about living their lives in moments!

Although I can easily pen down my highlights of this year!

- I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I cleared NET ( though I have no freaking clue what to do about it now)
- My first hike in Munnar with besties . That moment when we all hugged each other at the peak so that we wouldnt fly off in the freezing winds . That moment when I sat silently by the Echo point river just soaking in the beauty of  my surroundings. And that moment my when girlfriends squeaked with joy to find a birthday cake ( which we all cut together) at dinner on the last night of our trip.

- Hiking up Jebel Al Jais ( highest mountain in UAE) all by myself . Strangers passing by gave me thumbs up as in found my way down ( That was a great sense of achievement)

- I got pulled in to join a live Kurdish folk dance at Citywalk,Dubai. I have as a kid along with my sister watched these women glide like beautiful swans and awed at the men who fiercely danced on their toes and have always wanted to move like them. May be they found my astonished face very likeable when they grabbed my hand and danced along. It felt like I was in a Movie.

6. 7 &8 -  Successfully turning into a vegetarian in 2017. Have to continue practicing Yoga . It would not do me good to be on and off at that. and Drinking water - Im still at it.

9, 10, &11 - I'm getting much better at journaling and shaking my bad habit of throwing my opinions in everywhere. There's still lot more room for improvement though. And there not even an inch progress with learning a new language.

12, 13, 14 & 15 - I still have many business ideas. I still don't know where to start. I finished one year of Masters and now Im on my second year. Im still getting better at taking pictures. I am still highly dependent on my phone and Instagram. Crocheting has just gotten lost in a muck of other things. I would love to do it again.

16 , 17, & 18 - Im still seeing all of Dubai, but its been a good year for No 16 because every weekend I have actually tried to go and see a new place in UAE . Oh believe me, theres so much yet to see. We did an all girls trip to Munnar. We started in Srilanka, tried to bring it down to Coorg and ended up in Munnar. And this was my best 3 days of this year. No extreme adventure knocked off though. ( I hiked up Jebel Al Jais, all by myself though)

19 - No I still dont have that money .

20, 21, 22 -  The book reading goal is pathetic , but whatever I read I really love so far. Hopefully next year's challenge will be better. To get Inked - that seems like a faraway dream now. And I am learning to solve the cube.

23 & 24- Donating blood hasn't happened yet and I havent found out what to check off from my parents list yet. ( Although I cleared NET, it was their wish, but it eventually will help me not them, so that doesnt count)

25 & 26 - This might be the only category that I checked off.

27 , 28, 29 & 30 - Fridge magnets are slowly growing ... I like my small yet valuable collection for now. Baking has slowed down .. but Im more and more confident about baking just about anything now. Travel journal and a Food journal are in scope for next year. And I succesfully learnt to Hula hoop.

This year was stressful health wise  and but I have learned a lot. I hope Im growing and transforming for the better

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